Infrastructure IQ
SKALE Technologies™ MinuteMan™ Telemetry Control System is our secure energy infrastructure monitoring, reporting, and automation (SCADA) product, designed specifically for the oilfield. MinuteMan monitors your assets 24/7/365 and collects, analyzes, and reports collected data in real-time via an easy-to-use centralized supervisory console. MinuteMan alerts your technicians about issues with your infrastructure via email, SMS (text messaging), and phone calls as they occur, helping you protect your assets and detect small issues before they become large, costly outages or safety hazards.

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  • Hydrocarbon Production Facilities – Gathering Systems, NG Facilities, Produced/Salt Water Disposal/Injection Wells, Tank Batteries, Custody Transfer
  • Chemical & Fuel Storage Facilities
  • Pipeline/Transfer Facilities
  • Assets at Remote Locations that Require 24/7/365 Centralized Monitoring
  • Custom Applications – Contact Us

What Can Be Monitored

  • Temperature
  • Pressure/Differential Pressure
  • Flow Rate (Volume/Velocity)
  • Fluid Level (Threshold/Continuous)
  • Vibration – Detect mechanical component failure
  • Presence of Liquid – Detect leaks
  • Presence/Concentration of Gas (Smoke, H2S, Natural Gas, CO, others)
  • Custom Applications – Contact Us
  • Position (Linear/Angular)
  • Utility Power Status/Usage – Detect power outages and track consumption
  • Gas Composition via GC equipment
  • Rotational speed (RPM)
  • Tamper/Sabotage/Intrusion Detection
  • Acoustics/Sound Levels
  • Dry Contact – Other Equipment’s Outputs and Throw Switches

Real-Time Reporting & Data Analysis

MinuteMan integrates with Infrastructure IQ™, our proprietary next generation reporting and analysis platform. Infrastructure IQ allows you to graph real-time and historical data and view a history of events and alerts in an easy-to-use web console. Easily analyze data and identify issues before they cause long-term damage to equipment or become costly outages or safety hazards. Infrastructure IQ is even securely accessible on smartphones.


SKALE Infrastructure IQ will email, text message, and even call your technicians in real-time in the event that your infrastructure has triggered an alert based on the options you choose. Alerts are easy to set up in our web interface – just specify range of acceptable values for a certain statistic (i.e., tank level, pressure, etc.) and Infrastructure IQ will track it 24/7/365.


MinuteMan can be deployed from one to tens of thousands of monitoring nodes, providing a fully customizable monitoring solution fit for everyone from small operations to enterprises. This allows you to rapidly roll out monitoring infrastructure as needed with minimal CAPEX compared to competing products and the ease of pay-as-you-grow. MinuteMan can even be deployed on a dedicated network to keep your data totally private, based on your organization’s requirements.

White Glove Service & Support

SKALE Technologies provides clients with one-on-one training and a complimentary Q&A session that is designed to guide new users through using Infrastructure IQ and show them how to make the most of its many features.

Extreme Environments

  • Operates in environments from -40°F (-40°C) to 149°F (65°C) and up to 95% non-condensing humidity without additional environmental protection
  • NEMA 4X rated corrosion-resistant and weather-proof enclosure for all seasons operation worldwide, sun or snow

Industry-Leading Security

Military-grade AES/SSL encryption on all communications and supervisory management console.

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