Custom Monitoring, Control,
& Automation Solutions
SKALE Technologies can take your project to the next level in record time by building on our proven automation platform and communications infrastructure. Take advantage of our custom design and integration services and eliminate the need to develop custom designs and build costly communications infrastructure in-house by leveraging our design expertise and modular automation controllers.

Custom Applications

  • We can automate, monitor, and remote control your products and provide you and your customers with real-time information regarding the operational status of products in the field via the web
  • Expand your products’ capabilities and get them to market more quickly by building on our proven automation platform and network

Get the Lead on your Competition

We have pre-negotiated contracts with global service providers that we can leverage to give you the best price and service without the need for negotiations that can take months and delay your project

Industry-Leading Security

Military-grade AES encryption on all communications and supervisory management console.

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